If your a fresh faced newbie wanting to get a grip of their first can, or someone thats been slinging paint for a few years this comprehensive list of spray paints most commonly used by graffiti and street artists around the globe.

MONTANA GOLD - Montana Gold spray paint is the perfect tool for all artists and creative workers.

The specially developed low-pressure system guarantees maximum accuracy to meet the highest requirements while giving professional results!

Montana Gold is a high-covering and quick-drying acrylic lacquer which allows for a new level of ease and control when painting with spray cans, with no cracking or colour bleaching.

Montana Gold spray paint can be applied on canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass or even flexible surfaces

...Vegan paint formula!

MTN94 - MTN 94 spray paint is a low pressure, matt finish paint, made with next-generation modified alkyd resins.

It has been developed to meet the highest demands from the graffiti and fine arts market, while also being adaptable to the needs of interior and exterior decoration.

Designed and formulated with the highest quality products, with the focus always being on colour consistency, fast-drying, and all without forgetting respect for the user and the environment.

KOBRA - Kobra spray paint has a high 'solid' content to ensure great coverage on any surface.

It is perfect for painting on canvas, wood, metal, glass, paper, card, plastic, concrete, brick and more.

The spray paint adheres to the surface quickly allowing minor risks of drips.

Kobra is an all season spray paint, the special formula does not suffer in high humidity or cold.

It is also compatible with most other spray paints on the market due to its acrylic formula.

The spray paint has a matt finish and dries fast.

Due to its special soft valve, the user has total control during spraying even when maximum precision is required.

Kobra have revamped their colour chart to include 145 colours. Some colour names have changed & they've also introduced some new ones!

MONTANA BLACK - Montana Black spray paint is a high-pressure Nitro-Combination based formula and is the superior can of its class. Montana Black spray paint is famous for its quality and reliability.

187 powerful, high covering matte finish colours that can be applied to any surface. The ultimate painting experience with perfect control and handling. Short drying time allows rapid re-application and overlapping with other colours immediately.

With its high pressure valve, Montana Black allows users fast application. The perfect tool for street art and graffiti artists.Montana Black is weather and winter-proof.The New Black colours will also cover the Montana Silver Chrome with ease!

BELTON MOLOTOW - Molotow Premium is the reference product on the spray paint market - this incomparable quality stands for precision, best coverage and highest reliability.

Molotow cans come in a huge range of colours and are opaque, weatherproof, UV-resistant and lightfast. Because they are made with quadruple-ground car paint pigments, the colours are exceptionally permanent.

German artists who used Premium cans in the 1990s have reported that their works have barely faded or weathered in two decades.

Strokes from 0.5 up to 30 cm are possible with the range of caps available in our store. The Molotow Premium is a dual pressure can - with a fat cap it will spray at high pressure and with a skinny cap it will spray at a lower pressure.

DOPE - Dope Classic is a perfect all-purpose, all-season spray paint. It is based on the best quality components and the highest concentration of pigment for the best coverage.

Dope Classic is a 400ml can of low pressure, matte paint which is able to produce an incredibly thin line but will also work well with fat caps! It is designed to work well in both warm weather and very low temperatures, and for interior works as well as for outside murals.

When you need to quickly cover a large surface there is no better can than Dope with a fat cap. But when used with our Skinny level 1 cap you can achieve an incredibly thin line. Every can comes with a Dope Level 4 Fat Cap.

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