Hello there! :D

The name's Rob, and I am the hands behind Doodlesndrips. I live within
 the wind beaten regions of North Wales (the left side of Brexit land) 


From a very young age I have always been drawn to "Art".

I would draw on absolutely EVERYTHING. And when there was nothing to draw on i would settle for my hands, arms and clothing, which unsurprisingly would result in me getting into a spot of trouble with the teachers every now and then.

For a fair chunk of my childhood I remember having a somewhat unhealthy obsession with the Disney Franchise. i would collect the VHS tapes and merchandise religiously - only to go on and attempt redrawing all of these characters over and over and over again....o_O


Now Schools out! i figure arts all i know so it only seemed right to go on to study Fine art in college and then another three years of it in university.

Didnt learn very much throughout the whole ordeal - never been one for theory or essays, 


 studying Fine art for roughly six years i came out of university not really knowing what to do. So I just did what i always do and started creating things.  


I like to create all sorts of different stuff, ranging from pop culture rips to home-brewed heretics.
I tend to bring these characters to life using a mixture of methodologies.
These methods vary from illustration to oil painting to a recently new skill im practicing which is toy making.


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